Robust proxies for use in calculating sensitivity and constituting model points, etc. to rapidly obtain assessments with reasonable calculation times. 

Apart from annual calculations to produce the annual accounts and determine capital requirements (MCR and SCR), the introduction of a new prudential regulation will produce supplementary assessments on a quarterly basis together with a prospective dimension as part of the ORSA. Although they must be produced in a consistent manner with annual calculations, these assessments require the introduction of specific models as the models that they currently use are refined but poorly-adapted to intensive or prospective use.  As such, robust and effective approximations for the main items in the annual accounts must be proposed to address these constraints.

These are part of a more overall approach to provide adequate information on deformation in the distribution of key elements in the annual accounts (net asset value, capital requirement, coverage ratio, etc.) with time to manage the organisation. The issue is then one of having an overview of risks (pricing, provisioning, commercial risks, shortcomings in coverage and financial mechanism risks) to offer relatively flexible prospective models for these projections as well as an analysis on the effect of actions by company management according to the needs of decision-makers.