cardifFinancial partner

BNP Paribas Cardif, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, creates innovative and
effective savings and insurance solutions to which customers can subscribe wherever the company is present, in Europe, Asia and Latin America. To do this, the company operates through a unique business model. Products and services are developped with distributors from a variety of sectors (banks, credit agencies, carmakers captive finance companies, telecommunications, energy suppliers, brokers and wholesale distribution) who ensure marketing and sales to end customers. Thanks to its proximity with each partner, BNP Paribas Cardif has at its fingertips an in-depth knowledge of customers and their Background, trends and distribution networks to offer innovative, tailored solutions.

The company champions this partnership approach with its 450 distributors, including 30 of the top 100 brands in the countries it operates in, as well as with its 90,000 customers and 10,000* employees. Being their partner means listening and understanding their needs in order to propose the right products. Spotting new trends and sharing expertise and experience to help distributors expand and offer reliable, effective services. Working creatively and nimbly with foresight. Exploring new opportunities to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. Acting openly and transparently with everyone, and respecting local rules. Finally, being an insurer who makes sure that employees develop individually and become drivers of collective success.

The global presence of BNP Paribas Cardif contributes to the success of our business model. Organised around domestic (France, Italy, Luxembourg) and international (other European countries, Asia, Latin America) markets, the company can spot emerging local trends, create new solutions adapted to the market and roll out best products and practices. Hence it has become a global specialist in the insurance of people and the things that are dear to them.
* Headcount of entities legally managed by BNP Paribas Cardif: nearly 8,000

October 6th 2015

Jean-Paul Felix, responsable de la modélisation au sein de la direction du risque de BNP Paribas Cardif, dresse un bilan de la chaire d’excellence “Management de la modélisation en assurance” et en présente les perspectives.


Logo-IsfaAcademic partner
ISFA Graduate School of Actuarial Studies is an interdisciplinary education and research institute in actuarial, financial sciences and risk management. Created in 1930, it is the oldest accreditated French actuarial program.
ISFA has developed actuarial programs overseas (in Vietnam,Lebanon, Marrocco, Senegal), as well as a wide student exchange program. ISFA is also the leader of an innovative capacity building program: training actuarial professors in Africa and Latin America…
Graduate School of University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, ISFA welcomes over 600 students a year and hosts the only French research Lab dedicated to actuarial science: SAF Laboratory.

logo-labo600Academic partner
The SAF (Actuarial science and finance) research laboratory
undertakes interdisciplinary research on risks in insurance and finance:
– risk models and measures (probability and statistics)
– risk management and Enterprise Risk Management
– economic and financial risk analysis
– accounting and regulation in insurance and finance.
The research topics of the laboratory are always evolving to include new risks (human longevity improvements, natural hazards,…), recent accounting standards (IFRS 4 Phase 2), new prudential regulation systems (Basel 3, Solvency 2) as well as new risk management practices (Enterprise Risk Management).
Current team research projects concern in particular the impact of modelling and analytics on the management of insurance and financial firms, environmental risks, as well as longevity risk management.


Fondation reconnue d’utilité publique, la Fondation du Risque (FDR) a pour objet de contribuer durablement au développement du potentiel français de recherche, d’enseignement et de formation dans tous les domaines du risque: risques financiers, risques industriels, risques environnementaux, risques patrimoniaux, risques de santé, etc.

Depuis sa création en 2007, la Fondation du Risque s’attache à initier des actions de recherche et de développement, notamment par la promotion de projets d’enseignement et de recherche et la diffusion des connaissances à travers des programmes de formation de haut niveau. Elle a également vocation à favoriser la pédagogie du risque par la diffusion de connaissances auprès du grand public comme d’un public averti.