Online International Conference in Actuarial science, data science and finance

La conférence OICA – Online International Conference in Actuarial science, data science and finance aura lieu en ligne les 28 et 29 avril 2020.
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About OICA Conference 

(Online International Conference in Actuarial science, data science and finance)

Covid19 is going to change the financial markets and the insurance-reinsurance network.
As actuarial science, data science and finance researchers, we cannot easily help for the current phase as we are not medical doctors or epidemiologists.

But we can help to mitigate/manage the financial/risk management consequences by carrying out relevant research in 2020-2021.
For this we need to learn NOW from experts and decision makers what the research challenges are.

Therefore we are organising an online conference on April 28-29, 2020 with two goals :

• Enabling researchers and young researchers to present actuarial / data science / financial research that was done before covid19 (therefore NOT related to covid19)

• Having 1 or 2 roundtables that describe covid19 implications on the economy, and which help us to know which research topics we could investigate in the future if we want to help (WACA roundtables : What Actuaries Could Accomplish researchwise in 2020-21).

We also planned (classical) plenary talks on topics that could be useful for post-covid research, as well as a quite different talk by José Blanchet about a social platform startup that he created in response to covid19 in US and Mexico and the associated data science future challenges.

Scientific committee 

Hansjoerg Albrecher (Lausanne), Katrien Antonio (Leuven), Benjamin Avanzi (Melbourne), Pauline Barrieu (LSE, London), Mercè Claramunt (Barcelona), Nicole El Karoui (Paris), Romuald Elie (Deepmind), Stéphane Loisel (ISFA, chair), Mogens Steffensen (Copenhagen), Ruodu Wang (Waterloo), Hailiang Yang (Hong-Kong U.)

Invaited plenary speakers

• Beatrice ACCIAIO (LSE, London, United Kingdom)

• José BLANCHET (Stanford University, CA, USA)

• Caroline HILLAIRET (ENSAE, Paris, France)


• Jae Kyung WOO (UNSW, Sydney, Australia)

To be clear, this event is NOT about presenting super-fast, opportunistic research on epidemiology produced by actuaries. It is about presenting classical actuarial/data science/finance research works that have been done before, and reflecting about how we can contribute researchwise for the future.

As almost everyone is at home at that time, we think that the timing is possible. We’ll have sessions in the morning, lunch time and up to evening to accomodate participants in different locations. The roundtables will be held between 11am and 4pm French time to maximize audience (including Asia-Pacific and America).We hope that you’ll join us to this OICA-WACA conference and roundtable (please use French accent to sound like Shakira’s song)  !

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